Lithuania and the European Green Belt

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Recently we talked about tourism and environment in Vilnius. Today we expand our horizons. Do you remember Churchill’s speech, right after the end of the II World War about the Iron Curtain? I am sure you do. He was talking about the terrible infrastructure that for decades divided Europe and Europeans, that during the 20th Century meant division and hate between people. ...

Manu Pedroletti 2015/05/08
Manu Pedroletti 2015/04/27

Vilnius Airport: the fastest growing in Europe

Yes, the Lithuanian capital has the fastest growing airport in Europe. The news comes from an Italian news website called, which takes info from the international website rout...

Manu Pedroletti 2015/04/21

Vilnius: Land of tourism

During the last few months, the global awareness of Vilnius as a new destination for international tourism seems to have grown considerably. This new awareness comes, in part, from severa...

Manu Pedroletti 2015/04/17

The riverside of Vilnius: a forgotten pearl

We have visited the riverside of Vilnius. A pearl of rare beauty that, unfortunately, was left to cope with bad weather and vandals. Imagine how beautiful it would be running and walking ...

Manu Pedroletti 2015/04/04

How do Lithuanians see themselves? Vilnius: ‘People for all seasons’

A few months ago we investigated the several stereotypes that foreigners might have about Lithuania and its population. The results were kind of funny, although pretty predictable. Lithua...

press wikimedia 2015/03/30

Freedom of the press in Lithuania: reality or utopia? (2)

Is there really freedom of the press in Lithuania? Do you think the major platforms provide you with sincere and honest news? What else is there to read? According to the World Press F...

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Manu Pedroletti 2015/03/23

30 Seconds of Vilnius Life – Street Edition, English Speakers

Last week we had many sunny days, everyone was happy and with the best mood! Is spring is finally coming? The city and its citizens are changing radically! Walking in the streets of the L...

Operos ir baleto teatras 2015/03/20

Vilnius Opera: too casual of a dress code? (3)

Do not misunderstand us, we are not saying that you should dress like a working class hero when going to the Opera of Vilnius. The aim of every theater around the world is to entertain; n...

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Manu Pedroletti 2015/03/17

30 Seconds of Vilnius Life – Foreigners Edition

How is living in Vilnius? Is it an amazing experience or an endless nightmare? We decided to ask its citizens with a new initiative! We would like to give everybody the opportunity to say...

Old TV
Manu Pedroletti 2015/03/09

A curiosity about Lithuanian Tv!

Almost 100% of tourists in Vilnius would not notice, actually why should they? They came here to see the Old Town and Gediminas Castle this week in particular to walk through the stands o...

Manu Pedroletti 2015/03/06

A new approach to Lithuanian cuisine with Chef Marc d’Erceville and Čiop Čiop

Everything changes, but this is fortunate. Can you imagine a static world where everything remains the same? John F. Kennedy said ‘change is the law of life’. Sometimes we would like thin...

Luna 1
Manu Pedroletti 2015/03/03

Leisure in Vilnius… What are we doing tonight? BreakRoom!

There is a fun videogame you can find on the Internet, its goal is to escape from a room following several hints that lead you through a series of different sets of keys, codes, and brain...

Vilnius International Meridien School
Manu Pedroletti 2015/02/26

Shaping students into the perfect future citizens

School is the place where kids get in touch with other people for the very first time, where children shape their minds and start challenging the world that surrounds them. An efficient e...

When Roxane and Cedric leave Vilnius they everything about it
Manu Pedroletti 2015/02/23

Perspectives: how does it feel to be a foreigner in Vilnius? (1)

A few years back Lithuanian historian and writer Laimonas Briedis published a book "Vilnius-City of Strangers". But what actually strangers, people, who were not born in Vilnius, but chos...

"I guess history is far from repeating itself" - a foreigner from Norway, living in Lithuania
Manu Pedroletti 2015/02/20

Do foreigners in Vilnius perceive Russia as a threat? (1)

An article appeared in the newspaper "Estonian World Review" on Tuesday 17th made the blood in our veins freeze. The title was extremely evocative: ‘Moscow would use a conventional war ag...

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